The Dead Artists Gallery presents “First Light”


 Signed L/R “L. Grandy” (Louis)

French-Algerian influenced by the Barbizon Tonalist Movement. This coastal view of Tunisia painted c. 1910-1915 is one of a pair. The delicate difference in lighting between the two is what makes these pieces so compelling. The choices made with regard to color, shading and texture are subtle but ambitious- here the peachy morning light is complimented by gooey impasto in the foreground. The deep, open picture plane encourages the viewer to ease into the space. Hanging strategies would take advantage of the contrasting hues of the two pieces, either side by side or facing each other across the space.

23″ x 38″ in contemporary appropriate frame

$2400 (THE PAIR)

Contact us for more information:
(843) 608-9082

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