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The Dead Artists Gallery presents “Water Lilies”


signed L/R “John Greene,” bears  New York City “Village Gallery” label on verso

Pleasing vertical floral abstract circa 1980. Label indicates circulation through New York art market before its arrival to the South. Greene, retired from Wall Street in 1987 to paint and sculpt full time and although he is strongly represented by galleries, his work hardly ever comes to auction, illustrating the appeal and staying power of these works.

“For me, painting is about paint: color, texture, the joy of putting it on or scraping it off.  I believe the results are best served by keen and repeated viewing.
My painting is about surface primarily. Surface is feeling – it can be ambivalent. It gives the illusion of depth and reflection, of time and memory and complexity. …
I try to introduce elements that are hidden or apparent, that will encourage “reading” the paintings many times and constantly discovering something new.  …
Some of my “parents” are Richard Diebenkorn; Nathan Oliveira; Manuel Neri; Anthony Gormley; Elaine Anthony; and Judith Streeter.” – John Greene,  Artist Statement


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