The Dead Artists Gallery presents “Le Petit Chemin”


Signed L/R “Gottfried Lorenz” ( 1860-1928). Charming rural scene depicting the south of France found in  the vicinity of Nice. Lorenz was especially proficient in his representation of country and rural life, seen through the eyes of the Impressionists. Although biographical information is scarce, Herr Lorenz has an impeccable auction record, making appearences in Linz and Vienna, Austria, Rudolstadt, Buxtehude and Konstanz Germany, as well as San Rafael, CA and even Bonham’s in San Francisco. This medium sized piece lends itself to a variety of viewing angles, as Lorenz’s impulse to represent naturalistically gives way to open brushstrokes in clouds, trees and plains.

25 x 35 in, period frame, circa 1915


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