The Dead Artists Gallery presents “ Vermont Landscape”

Cleveland artist whose heart remained in Vermont. O/artistboard, “Vermont Landscape “, Signed L/L”Fred Pye”(1882-1964) as well as signed and inscribed on verso. Born in Yorkshire,England, Pye attended the Julian and the Colorossi Academy in Paris. Shortly after completing his work at the Academy he held an exhibition wherein the French government purchased one of his paintings entitled “Met Agiteo” in 1926. This painting hung in the Luxembourg museum for many years but was lost or stolen during World War II. Pye migrated to Cleveland about 1940, but spent an increasing amount of time at his summer home in Vermont. The majority of his plein air art is from Vermont and New Hampshire. The subdued coloration and misty tones bring to mind obvious reflections of his training in Paris and association with the Impressionists. 1

3 x 15 in appropriate washed contemporary frame,, packing shipping and insurance included.


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