The Dead Artists Gallery presents “ Autumn Comes to the Grand Tetons ”

The Dead Artists Gallery presents “Autumn Comes to the Grand Tetons”
Autumn Comes to the Grand Tetons
O/C Laid Down on on Board “Autumn Comes to Grand Tetons” Signed and Dated L/R “Olaf Moller, ’32″(1901-1985)
Moller, a Moving Force in American Plein Air Painting, was a Danish-American who spent Most of His Life painting in Idaho. He studied at The School of Fine Arts, Philidelphia, under N.C. Wyeth, Daniel Garber, and Henry Breckenridge between 1921-1929. In 1927 he had a scholarship in Frame Building with the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation in Oyster Bay, N.Y. His paintings of the Tetons Represent the West in many Museums and Collections, including the “States of the Union” Collection at U.S. Military Institute, West Point.

20 1/2 x 18 1/2 in Original Frame(Probably Moller)
packing, shipping and insurance included.


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