Private: Gallery 1

The Dead Artist Gallery Presents “”Manassis-Guth”


Signed L/L “Cesare Ricciardi”

Historical accuracy…”Manassis-Guth”,a splendid red covered-bridge built in Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania , 1858, and painted 93 years later by the Italian- American plein air artist Cesare Ricciardi(1892-1973). Bucks county landscapist and notable Rockport, Massachusetts marine artist, Richardi studied at the Philadelphia Sketch Club and then enrolled at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where he trained under the instruction of Thomas Anshutz(1851-1912), Hugh Breckenridge(1870-1937), and Robert Henri(1865-1929). Member of the Philadelphia Sketch Club and the Philadelphia Art Alliance , his work was exhibited through major institutions such as the Pennsylvania Academy, the Cochran, the National Academy of Design and the Art Institute of Chicago. 28 x 35 in pleached barnwood frame.


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