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The Dead Artists Gallery Presents ““Le Chaval Blanc”

“Gracefully, the white horse pranced across the table top, knocking apples here and there.” Oil on canvas, “Le Chaval Blanc,” was painted in 1944 by Manfred Schwartz(1909-1970.)Producing a varied oeuvre during his lifetime, Schwartz immigrated to New York from Lodz, Poland in 1920 and was recognized as a child progeny. Exhibiting side-by-side with Maurice Vlaminck(1876-1958), Bernard Buffet (1928-1999), Edward Hopper (1882-1967) and Andrew Wyeth(1917-2009) he rubbed shoulders with the avant-garde. A close friend of Henri Matisse, he became a Francophile and developed his pointillist style during many visits to France. Reflecting a continuum of artistic growth, his movements are bound together by two main threads… his insight as a colorist and his technical virtuosity reflected by his confident use of his media. Through his earliest teachers, John Sloan and Charles Hawthorne, he became immersed in the American Ashcan school and although known primarily as a Modernist, Schwartz also contributed significantly to the genre of abstraction and illustration. An early member of the postwar School of Paris, Schwartz is presently included in many major American and European museum collections. Presented in a large (34 x 40) museum- worthy bronzed frame circa 1930 which serves as a counterpoint to this otherwise whimsical painting. Signed lower left and bearing gallery label with date on verso. DM for additional information and pricing.

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