Mission Statement

The Dead Artists Gallery was created to provide Interior Designers and Architects furnishing local and international client projects with a wide selection of affordable decorative art from mid-eighteenth through mid-twentieth century. These are singular pieces, not to be found in many galleries since our artists are no longer painting-though all may not be dead! Sizes, color palates and appropriate period framing have all been taken into consideration; the art ranges from whimsical to serious. Furthermore, some of our artists represented have very good auction records, helping our customers justify the cost of these decorations to their clients. We have done our best to identify the artists whose works we present. Please call for additional information. For the trade, frame sizes are the dimensions given; canvas size furnished on request.

About Us

With over twenty pickers (sleuths-in-waiting) scouring highways and byways, obscure country auctions, estate sales and private collections, both in the U.S. and throughout Europe, we are able to offer remarkable hidden art treasures to the trade on a regular basis. Tracking down little-known lives of these often forgotten artists, procuring the best conservation, and restoring the original or appropriate period frame is a passion we all share at The Dead Artists Gallery. Bringing one of these long-forgotten works of art back to its splendor not only reconnects us to the past, but also assures the future appreciation of these past men and women artists. We plan to highlight recent acquisitions to our clients occasionally by e-mail; these and other newly acquired pieces may be seen in our gallery. Designers, Architects and their Clients can conveniently browse for needs according to size, color palate, and subject matter. Enjoy!


Charleston Art Lease

The Dead Artists Gallery is pleased to announce the formation of a new arm providing fine art to our clients. The leasing of art is especially attractive to companies wishing to maintain a simple bottom-line deduction, rather than deal with the complexities of depreciation and recapture. With a collection of over 2000 pieces, we are able to fill a wide range of client interests spanning the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, classical, traditional, abstract, and whimsical in all color palates and designs. If interested, please contact us at: classicalsource@gmail.com