Private: Gallery 1

The Dead Artists Gallery presents “Rows of Summer”


Oil on Board, “Rows”, Signed L/R “Everett Stahl”

This Plein Air Artist 1st. Half 20th. Century, was active in Indiana, Pennsylvanian and California.  He trained at the Cincinnati Art School, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, and Art Student League of New York City where he was a Member. Exhibitions include The Oil Show, Pennsylvania Academy, The Corcoran Gallery of DC, and the Philadelphia Art Alliance. The sunbeam clearing the rain storm is a common landscape trope that came to prominence when the genre of landscape was used by the American government as a form of propaganda to support the doctrine of Manifest Destiny. To this day, it survives as a symbol of the enduring power of nature, both generative and destructive.

17 1/4  x  21 1/4  in Original Wormy Chestnut Frame.


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