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The Dead Artists Gallery presents “Eyes on You”


 Signed L/R (Charles) “Kellner”

 A striking visual exploration of an American Goldfinch (Cardulus tristis) following every movement of the monarch butterfly below. Painted by Philadelphia naturalist Charles Kellner in the last quarter of the 20th century. Inspired by the long lineage of scientific illustration, the imaginative and dynamic Audubon prints of the mid 19th century inspired later naturalists to infuse otherwise straight forward depicitions of nature with tension. The predator/prey relationship here heightens the drama, as does the clever camouflage of the butterfly. Tight brushwork lends itself to a close encounter, however the broader forms of the leaves and contrast of dry and verdent vegetation also makes this a statement piece that can be appreciated from afar.

31 in x 31 in, original silver leafed frame


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