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The Dead Artists Gallery presents “City at Night ”

Fascinated with the encaustic medium. This piece,”City at Night “ c. 1940, was painted by one of the pioneers in this field . Signed l/r “L.(Lewis) J.Miller(1912-2007), it typlifies his original medium consisting of lithographers ink, watercolor and gouache blended with hot wax giving his works of art a stained glass appearance. Miller worked in many styles including cubism, realism, abstraction, Impressionism and Expressionism. His images were of people in his every day life in New York City; cityscapes and mountains gave him a wonderful subject matter for this form of expression. Born in New York city, he received his master of fine arts degree from City College of New York and continued studies at Hofstra. He taught art in the New York City school system for many years. We presently have four of Miller’s work in our inventory.

18 x 14 in original frame.


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