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The Dead Artists Gallery presents “ Snow Effect at Argenteuil ”

Tom King(1925-2017) became familiar with the political/societal ills while serving in the US Army Air Corps during World War II. After studying at Temple University with an emphasis on illustrative art, he received his degree in fine arts from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and then began a long career in commercial illustrations. Attaining unusual success with the unique art form of anthropomorphism which he used speaking out for animal rights, King would occasionally find solace in the museum world of classic 19th-century French impressionism. This painting illustrates such a foray with his interpretation of Alfred Sisley’s(1839-1899) “Snow Effect at Argenteuil”. ,

Signed, dated and annotated on verso, we have framed it with an early 20th century French Giltwood frame 26 x 30


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