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The Dead Artists Gallery presents “Sunday’s Clown”

Sunday's Clown

Oil on artist’s board. Signed L/R “Elle Mintz” (New York mid-20th century) circa 1945-1950. Recalling the vivid colors and expressionistic swaths of color that typified the norther Expressionists, especially Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Oscar Kokoschka. The image of the clown, seen here calmly seated, perhaps before or after a show, is a common high modernist trope. Most famously interrogated by Picasso, the clown is an important part of the Commedia dell’arte. This 16th to 18th century form of theater captured the imagination of Picasso and the followers of Modernism due to its bright colors and emphasis on improvisation.

Size: 34″ x 28″ in original period frame.

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