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The Dead Artists Gallery Presents “Nature Morte sur en Table”

“Nature Morte sur en Table”. 18th century Dutch realism reached a pinnacle with the still- lifes of Pieter Paul Rubens(1577-1640) Jean Chandin(1699-1779) and Jan van de Velde. The Flemish approach emphasizing abundance by depicting a diversity of fruits, flowers and dead game became the “thing”, and the European great houses, especially English ones, could not get enough for their grand salons. Consequently, the supply gap was successfully filled by other lesser known European artists. This large (36 x 31) French example painted about 1850 by Stefan Hollub is one example. Although probably Dutch, Holub had Paris connections! Presented in a carved wood and gesso frame of the same period,It is a tribute to this particular genre. Can you identify all the fruits?

$2850! DM for additional details.

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