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The Dead Artists Gallery presents “Haystacks of Winter”

Haystacks of Winter

Oil on HardBoard, Corwin Knapp Linson (1864-1959).  Signed with Monogram L/R.

Corwin Linson was an artist and illustrator who worked with author Stephen Crane;  Linson would later write a book about Crane, ” My Stephen Crane.” Several versions of the manuscript, and photographs of Crane taken by Linson, are in the Special Collections Research Center of the Syracuse University Library in New York.

Deeply interested in the lives and misery of low socio-economic status, Linson and Crane went to Scranton, PA to investigate coal mining conditions. This resulted in a syndicated article, illustrated by Linson. This would eventually lead to illustrating economist    Walter Wycoff’s essays.   This painting brings to mind the series of haystacks painted 1890-91 by Claude Monet (1840-1926) titled “Les Mueles a Giverny”.                                                                        Painted about 1920 in period Arts and Crafts frame. Size 29  x  35

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